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LiT provides readers with a designated marketplace to find exclusives novels that pertain to their preferences while delivering customized content as well as many short stories not found anywhere else.

What you get

LiT Reading App is a marketplace to access independent novels by a diverse sample of authors, both professionally published as well as indie. As a LiT reader, you will be able to access:

Exclusive Stories

Be the first to get unlimited access to some of the most anticipated releases.

Customized Content

Receive novel recommendations tailored to your specific taste preference.

Top-Quality Design

Sit back and enjoy a unique and exquisite reading experience.


Designed for You

The LiT reading experience is designed with you in mind. Its top quality design with rich and bold colors and sharp text makes reading a luxurious and comfortable experience. The reading screen is designed to be very easy on the eyes. Flip pages using a simple swiping motion.

Make your experience personal to your specific needs. Adjust the screen, font size, and colors to fit your unique taste.

Use the swipe function to navigate easily to different sections in the book.

Easily search through your personal library or the entire LiT library for specific titles and authors as well as other available novels.


John Smith

“Definitely the best eBook reader for iPhone and Android, LiT has an incredible interface, is very stable, and shows the books much more clearly than some other readers, making it a wonderful reading experience. It also supports custom ... tags and ratings.

Pam Jordan

It is really convenient and easy to use! This is the best e-book app for Android I've tried! I'm very happy with it =)

Jessica Jordan

I’ve dowloaded the LIT app for my phone last week. Now I could say without any doubts that it’s the best book reader I’ve ever used. It is fast, simple and fancy. Reading is my passion and till now LIT is my passion too!


Download now to experience a reading experience like never before! You won't be disappointed. Get ready to GET LiT!

Top Reads and New Releases

Leo Sullivan


User Rating:

Freddy Thugstin's saga continues from In this Life, the national best selling novel as Life Thugstin meets Hope Evans an eccentric college student, born and raised in Miami's notorious Pork and Beans Projects.

Porscha Sterling

The Hustler's Wife: A Love Like None Other

User Rating:

You may be down for your man, but is he down for you? Vanessa is the official ride or die chick for her husband, Ty. But the thorn in her side is Trinity, who still loves him and makes no effort to hide it. Although Vanessa loves her family, there is only so much of his conniving ex that she can take. Especially when Mayhem enters the picture. By the time Ty realizes that he's pushing his wife into another man's arms, it may just be too late.


The Sweetest Heat

User Rating:

Meet Scottie Jackson, a girl who is bored with her sex life with her boyfriend, Arsenio Baker. When she and her best friend, Alicia Green take their flirting to the next level, Scottie’s Pandora’s box is opened. 
This is her story.


Seducing an Alpha Billionaire

User Rating:

Janelle has position, money and a dominating attitude. She has everything a woman could want…except love. Falling in love had brought her nothing but hurt, scars, and a broken heart. She wasn't interested in love. Unfortunately, her father, Cliffton Baxter, did not agree with her choice to live her life on her own terms and chose to interfere. When she meets Edwin, she is reluctant to let go and be wooed by his charm and good looks. However, she soon finds that some things even her stubborn attitude and cool demeanor cannot combat. Edwin is the ultimate Alpha Billionaire. He has the looks, the connections, the money and the reputation of being able to get whatever woman he set out to claim. He was just the one to overcome Janelle's defense and aversion to being loved, according to Mr. Baxter. And if he's lucky, Edwin would be an even richer man if he accomplishes his mission to win her heart. Edwin takes on the challenge, thinking that it will be an easy way to increase his wealth and maybe provide him with some entertainment in the process. Unfortunately, he greatly underestimated Janelle’s allure and the power of love.

Regina Swanson

Thug Love: A Gangsta's Heart

User Rating:

Mackie Carter was ten years old when she put a bullet in her mother's skull, taking her life. At age fourteen, she learned everything she could about her family's drug connections. When she turned eighteen, she jumped heavily into the Carter family drug operation. Her mind is focused on business but when she meets Xavier, things change. Although he may be the one to break down her emotional walls, he’s involved in his own toxic situation that may destroy everything he and Mackie have going. Will they be able to find love in each other or will their past mistakes destroy them instead?