The LiT Reader App is a unique digital space with a diverse number of genres, written byboth indie and published authors. LiT provides readers with a designated marketplace to find the novels that pertain to their taste preferences while delivering customized content, a top-quality design as well as many exclusive novels and short stories not found anywhere else.

The LiT Reader App was created to provide a marketplace and promotional tool for both published and independent authors to showcase their work with an emphasis on diversity and artistic expression. The Lit App seeks to place these stories directly n the hearts of readers searching for an exciting new read. . It gives direct exposure to books and authors who are otherwise hidden, making it increasingly hard for them to connect with their readers. LiT places these author’s work directly in front of the readers looking for the exact material they deliver.

In short, LiT:

  • Empowers authors to get noticed by an audience interested in their stories.
  • Empowers readers to easily find books they’re interested in.
  • Gives the aspiring author who may currently have no venue to be heard, seen or read a designated place to showcase their work and gain additional exposure.

Authors listing their work with LiT will receive more exposure by placing their work on a platform that features but also adamantly promotes their work free of charge. With over 5,000 readers utilizing the site daily, this is an incredible tool to build their fanbase by putting their books directly in the hands of the ones who are searching for their next new read.

Many of the issues that authors face on other platforms, such as missing, deleted or blocked reviews, content hiding of Erotica or Romance novels based on “explicit” content or lengthy delays before releasing books, are not issues they will have to deal with when it comes to placing their book on the LiT app. It’s a seamless, easy process that allows them to be featured, receive reader feedback and gain increased exposure with ease.

The LiT Reader App works just like many other reading apps. Users are able to browse available novels and audiobooks on the home page and purchase them within the app. Once the purchase is complete, they’ll be able to download and either read or listen to their purchase within the app. Users are able to follow their favorite authors and they’ll receive a notification whenever a novel is uploaded from an author they follow. Books can be rated and reviewed within the app and collected within their library.

Our fee is 15% of the net for regular sales, much lower than the 30-65% fee that Amazon takes off the top for featuring your work. You may list your book free of charge on LiT to provide to readers at no cost, or to feature a free sample of a novel that you’ll be later placing for sale.

Yes. Sales reports are generated 30 calendar days after the last day of the month their book was listed for sale and payments are sent at that point.

Our mission is to give every author a chance to find their audience. At LiT, every author who honors our Terms of Service has a right to publish their work and it’s up to readers to decide what they would like to read. Because of this, it means we publish brilliant up-and-coming writers who haven’t yet been discovered, and we’ll also publish works from aspiring authors getting their feet wet. The authors who write reader-pleasing books will bubble up to the top and build audiences. Readers will be able to check reviews in order to decide what it is they want to read.

LiT features all content, provided the author is legally entitled to publish with us, and provided the work satisfies our strict standards for originality and doesn’t violate our ethical guidelines. We welcome the opportunity to publish self-published authors, unpublished authors, authors of out-of-print books for whom the rights have reverted, and authors under contract with big-name publishers who would like to give their readers something to keep them entertained. If you own the digital publishing rights to your works, we would love to publish you. We also are more than happy to work with any publishers searching for additional exposure for their authors. All are welcome to Get LiT!

Other than the books that are being provided as Exclusives to the LiT app (which is decided by the author or publisher), we do not have any agreement in place that stops any works on LiT from being placed on other sites.

The LiT Reading App will not be held responsible for any issues that arise from content that is placed on the app as a result of contracts or agreements between the author and other parties. Each author is expected to check the agreements that they have with other parties prior to placing their work on the LiT app.

Yes. This is a great promotional tool for authors that we provide free of charge. If you place your novel on LiT for free, it will need to remain for at least a week. We will continue to hold the content on the app until we receive a request for it to be removed.

Yes. Agreeing to place your books on the LiT Reading App means that you are confirming that you have the right to have your work featured on the app. LiT will not be held responsible for any problems that arise from content that is placed on the app brought about from contracts or agreements between the author and other parties. Any work placed on the app will be removed if it comes to our attention that it has, or may have, been placed on the app illegally or without proper consent. For anything to appear on LiT, it must be legal and original, and you must either be the original author or the exclusive publisher.

OPTION #1: You can provide your book on the app for FREE for your readers to enjoy. This is a great promotional tool to boost the sales of a series (by placing the first part for free) or to advertise additional works after giving readers a glimpse at your writing style.

OPTION #2: You can provide a novel for sale on LiT. If you choose this option, we recommend your novel be exclusive to the app, for sale for less than the price listed on other sites/apps or contain additional content (extra chapters, etc.) that is not available elsewhere. This falls in line with the overall goal of LiT, which is to provide something extra to your readers that they can’t get in other places.

For new novels submitted to be exclusive to LiT, we require:

  • That it is a new release that has not been available elsewhere prior to placement on LiT.
  • It must be available exclusively on the app for at least 7 days prior to putting it for sale on other sites.

Yes. Being on LiT means that you will be included on mailings sent out through our subscriber list as well as promotions on our social media pages. Currently, there are thousands of subscribers signed up and this list grows daily. Our current list of subscribers consists of readers in a large variety of genres.

LiT also offers multiple free marketing tools to help authors and publishers connect with readers. We offer free author pages with bios, headshots and lists of works, customizable widgets for off-site marketing; reviews from readers; free ebook downloads to boost sales; a built-in personalized book curator to suggest your novel to readers who enjoy books like yours, and more tools in the works! Still, some of your sales will come as a result of your own marketing and promotion efforts. We provide you free tools to help you market your books more effectively, but your hard work will also make sales happen.

For the top authors on LiT each month, we will conduct interviews and send it out through our mailing list in order to drive more readers towards that author and his/her published work, whether it is available on the app or not. LiT also has a partnership with Lightning Source and some authors with very high downloads may be considered to have their paperbacks published through Lightning Source for worldwide distribution.

In order to be featured on LiT, you will need to submit the following materials:

  • Title of novel and genre
  • Synopsis
  • Full edited and formatted manuscript, ready for upload
  • Price of the novel, if applicable
  • Cover
  • Photo and bio of the author
  • Lastly, make sure to let us know if you will want your novel available for free, as an exclusive or at a discounted price.

If you are the author - the creator - of an original work, then most laws automatically give you copyright to the work. For the best legal protection, register for a copyright at

We will never sell, rent or share our members’ contact information with any third party. We respect the privacy of authors who choose to publish under pen names. We also protect the privacy of book buyers by not revealing their purchases or identity to anyone.

If after reading all of this you still have questions, email us at